Sport and leisure

For the relaxation the inhabitants and the visitors have to their disposal the following objects and possibilities: sport halls, roofed swimming pool “Pod Platanem” with a relaxation base and numerous touristy wandering and bicycle routs. In the building of the swimming pool there is a sauna, salt brine cave, gyms, solarium and a café with small bistro. The salt brine cave is made of some dozens tons of salt, coming mainly from the sees, domestic salt of Kłodawa, which content is very rich in biofile elements and also brown salt from Pakistan, thanks to which the cave receives an amber illumination, being favorable for the healthy sessions. As a result of the use of the natural properties of salt there was created the micro climate characteristic for the see climate. The air filling the salt brine cave is rich in the precious micro elements and practically doesn’t content  contaminations, which are characteristic for the present environment. In the sport hall there is the possibility: to play football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and table tennis and to train light athletics and sport gymnastics, to use the gyms and the free climbing wall as well. Every year in the hall are organized also big fitness events led by the best instructors in Poland, which enjoy always enormous popularity among the inhabitants. The sport traditions of many years of the commune are continued by the Sport Klub “Górnik” Brzeszcze existing since 1922 and the Folks Sport Clubs in Jawiszowice, Przecieszyn and Skidziń. To the active associations of sport culture belong also: Students Sport Club, Oyama Karate, Speleoklub Brzeszcze and Sport Association of Bieszczady  “Siódemka”.

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