Also the Wisła river valley with the old waters called commonly “wiśliska” are very picturesque. In Dolina Górnej Wisły (valley of the upper Wisła) there is situated an interesting forestpond complex called “Niezieleńce”. The complex embraces a dozen or so fish ponds with the total surface of over 150 ha, adjacent mixed forest areas and meadows at the river Wisła. The historical documents prove, that the water reservoirs on Nazieleńce and the fish breeding on these terrains were developed already since the 15th century. The water source for the ponds on Nazieleńce is Młynówka – watercourse connecting the rivers Soła and Wisłą. The ponds present a wonderful living environment for the numerous surfaced plant species, forming the beautiful and rich rushes stripes. Additionally the fishing lovers will find here the water ponds in the places Skidziń and Wilczkowice, created as a result of the excavation of the gravel and than rendered habitable by the angling organizations.

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